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Mar. 16th, 2012 03:23 pm
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I've just finished reading Bernard Cornwell's Agincourt and God, it is amazing. The characters are very engaging, like always, and the historical research is flawless: everything down to the payment rates is accurate. But what impressed me the most was the descriptions of the siege of Soissons and Harfleur and the narration of the battle itself.

It is easy to forget the human tragedy and tjhe brutality of medieval warfare when reading academic essay or watching films (I recommend Juliet Baker's Agincourt: The King, the Campaign, the Battle; it's not only a great description of the battle and a well constructed argument about the numbers involved, but also a detailed work on how the army was raised and paid). But a novelization is always more vivid and the description of both the archers' role and the one-on-one combat was breathtaking. You can see the poleaxes and the maces and the plate on the men-at-arms crashing. It's terrible and awe inspiring. If you like medieval warfare, of course. 

Now I'm debating between starting the Grail Quest trilogy (set on the first phase of the Hundred Years War, under Edward III) or changing the subject. I have Paradise Lost and a biography of Napoleon waiting for me... I don't know what I should pick up next. 

Date: 2012-03-17 03:34 am (UTC)
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Read more Bernard Cornwell. He's my absolute favorite author. All his books are amazing!!!!

Date: 2012-03-17 06:45 pm (UTC)
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You convinced me, I started Harlequinn last night :)

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