Feb. 23rd, 2012

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Yesterday morning there was a train crash in the always crowded train station in Once, a populated and centric train/underground station in Buenos Aires. The train was filled to the brim with people, because the train system sucks unless you live in the North, in which case the train has A/C and TV and you don't feel like cattle. You see, in Argentina, if you live in a non-upper-class area, you don't deserve to travel like an actual human being. Like in every other case, if you are poor, you don't deserve respect or consideration: you are worthless, expendable. And the trains are Chinese hand-me-downs that are 40/50 years old. That's how much the company cares about people. 

Anyway, at 8:30 the train arrived to Once station... and it never stopped. The breaks didn't work. The train crashed against the barriers and the second wagon invaded the first one. It was a disaster. Over 50 people died (including a child, who had a heart attack in the station's hall, in front of the TV cameras, so we could all see how life left him) and 770 people were injuries. Around 50 are in critical state. 

This is a disaster. This is awful. There were 150 people pressed against each other in a five meters space. You could see people (bodies, in some cases) dangling from the windows. Some people got expelled from the wagon and were destroyed against the rails. The emergency teams worked wonderfully and without them we would be mourning a lot more people. But this is a shallow relief. Because over 50 people who were going to work like any other morning found (and I just saw a woman just a bit older than I am, who is nine months pregnant and who just found out that his husband is dead; she's unemployed; her child will never know their father. I cried) found death because the company in charge of the train (TBA) doesn't give a fuck about people. And because our government doesn't give a fuck, either and cannot be arsed to control a damn thing. Because it is acceptable and expected to spit on the people who cannot afford a car to go to work. Or who lives in a non-wealthy part of the province. Because we are used to no one caring about us or what might happen to us and we just live on, silent and resigned because we were told (and shown, and beaten down when we thought differently) that this is our lot in life and we just can't change a thing. Because we are the third world and we can't aspire to a decent, functioning, respectful country. 

There's a girl in my college who lives in that area and takes that train to Once because she works there in a doctor's office. We are not friends, but we spent four years seeing each other every day. I texted her and she didn't answer. I might have her old number, I don't know. But god, this is awful. I just want to hear from her and be sure that she is not dead or hurt because no one gives a fuck about anything but getting rich trough people's misery. 

Fuck this all. Really. I'm honestly sick of this. 

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