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 I'm working on a project for college in which I have to plan a class. Basically, I have to present all the steps, resources and information I'd use to teach an specific topic, in my case it is the Thirty Years War. I'm collecting literature, movies, paintings, etc. that refer to or reflect this period. Right now I'm working with the movies Queen Christina and Alatriste and with the plays Wallenstein by Schiller and Mutter Courage ad ihre Kinder by Brecht. I wonder of anyone knows of any resources I can use. Anything would help, really. 

Thank you!
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 I wonder why my History of Argentina II teacher thought that listening to "Rule Britannia" was related to his subject. Or to the war against Paraguay at all. The guy was on the Navy so maybe... nah, I have nothing. At least I have fun with my friend singing along. 

Random post is random. 

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For the first time in two weeks, I was able to sleep 8 hours. And boy, it's not the same than sleeping 3/4 hours every night. Now, I'm actually aware of my surroundings, and not in that awful bright, sharp, loud way that is so usual when a) you don't sleep enough, b) you're hangover. Ughh. 

I also got the charms I bought from[ profile] kagami222 and they are lovely! So, if we exclude the fact that I had a blood extraction and my arm has a blueish spot on it, it's been an amazing Saturday :D

Which brings me to the fact that I need to sit my ass down and type the Epilogue for Die fünf Phasen der Liebe, which was done ages ago and I've been to busy to type and send to [ profile] lezi . Lord, I suck. 

I don't have classes on Monday, so I expect I'll be able to finish everything I have to do (even that pesky little thing called college reading) and maybe start a new fic. I cross my fingers :D
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 So, first day of the Aramaic course and I already have homework D: But I also learnt 4 letters and a few words, so I'm happy. And yes, I do realise I have no life. I just don't care anyomore
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 It's 1 AM and I still have a fuckton of Hetalia fics to read (damn Prussia/Autria hotness!) but I'm feeling super accomplished right now. I just finished typing the fifth chapter of Die Fünf... and sent it to [ profile] lezi . I hope to post it in a few days and I expect to be done typing the Epilogue by that moment. I also finished the translation I had to do for Damqatum, the on-line bulletin for the Ancient East History Research Centre I work with. It was kind of hard to do, but I feel great when I contribute to something. 

I have also been doing major thinking about my career and I think I will expand my research topic out of Egypt. I mean, I'll still do my thesis on symbolic space usage (long story short, how two different cults use space differently), but I've been thinking I can study the same issue in any period. After all, a cathedral is like an Egyptian temple and modern palaces are mostly building created to emphasise and construct the monarch's power and dignity... and I'm getting tl;dr, but that's it. What if I can be one of the few specialist in symbolic use of space? I think I could die of happines (yes, I am aware I'm a dork). 
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Today I had my last exam, which took forever because a function of lazy bastards from previous years were taking it too. Fortunately, I got easy topics (causes of WWI, 1830 revolution, Zionism, Dreyfus, Austrian Empire) and I love, love this period, so I got a 10 out of 10. Which makes me happy because it's the first perfect score I've got in this exam period, so it lifted my self-esteem. And I know it's silly and vain (I got really good grades in the other exams) but I needed a mood boost, you know?

Anyway, this means that I have two free weeks to finish posting my fic series (Die Fünf Phasen Der Liebe), type out the first three chapters of my upcoming one (no title yet and actual plot! *is scared*), write a few prompts (I have two in mind, by the awesome [ profile] kirke_novak ) and basically indulge myself. Life is good right now :D

If anyone is wondering, the picture I posted is Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (1818) by Caspar David Friedrich and it's one of my favourite paintings ever. 

I'm a dork

Jul. 12th, 2010 03:03 am
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 So, I'm studying for my Contemporary History exam and I read "After a minor conflict in Morocco, Germany realised how isolated the country was: no one supported it, not even Italy. Only Austria used his troops to protect the German soldiers". What is the first thing to cross my mind? "Awww, poor Ludwig. Roderich is a sweetie, though".

Yeah, I'm screwed. I should not watch shows that can relate to my actual studies.
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I SO should be typing my briefing for the study group. And finish typing my fic. And clean my bedroom. And prepare the class for this week. Instead, I'm juts here, watching time pass. Damn my laziness. Oh, well, it's only one more week of effort and then I'll be free.
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 Today I passed the exam I was most scared of. I still have two more exams next week and I have to do some paperwork for my job, but after the 16th I'll be free as a bird. I plan to advance on my fic (not Die Funf) and fill a few prompts, as well as try to write something for Hetalia fandom. I'd love to work on my "Horror Cinema as social catharsis" essay... so little time, so many projects *sigh*
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 Firts final today and I did pretty decently, especially considering that I almost didn't study (I blame Hetalia -- which is related to my studies, though) so I can't complain. But lately I'm so, so tired and so, so meh about life in general... I guess I'm just burnt out. 

Oh, well, I'll be free in two weeks. 

Btw... if anyone reading this knows if doujinshis/fanfics for Hetalia, you'd be more than welcome. 

Uni life

May. 21st, 2010 03:47 pm
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I'm finally done with the Bicentenary celebration.  It was truly exhausting and it included crazy bitches screaming and stomping out of the office, food delivery misplacing, hot cocoa and a screeching mic. I'm exhausted. Even if it was a simple conference (four professors reflecting on the idea of the Revolution of May and the myth constructed around it and a laid back breakfast) I had to take care of so many details that I feel drained. Add that to the exams coming (the text about Romanticism in painting is looking at me disapprovingly) and three papers to finish, then housework and, of course, my boyfriend and I feel I won't have a second for a real me-time in the next two months. No fair, life, no fair at all

I try to keep up with my fics, I swear I do, but I'm dry as the Sahara. Stupid brain. 

Anyhow, one thing less to do.

Now, I have to go and fight for the finals schedule. Oh well, I love what I do and I wanted to take care of the Students Association. 


Mar. 3rd, 2010 05:26 pm
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 Today I had my last exam. I barely passed it, but I'm too tired to care. Honestly, I'm ecstatic that I left my exams behind and now I can watch all the movies I want, read all the pending books and, of course, write all the fics I owe. First of all, the three prompts for [ profile] glee_fest . Then, the prompts here in the meme. And after that, I have several fics to fill in [ profile] glee_kink . And I'm shaping a future fic... I also have to clean my room, organise my wardrobe, make sure everything is in place for Monday (back to classes...) and see my boyfriend so he, you know, doesn't kick me out. 

Well, anyways, I hope that after my nap I have enough energy to do all of that. 
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I'm just so happy that my copy of "Wicked" arrived today!!! Now I have the perfect excuse to pay no attention in class (as if I needed one...). Also, after an endless detour and many mails, I got my Amazon package: "The Omen: Collector's edition" which is totally awesome... and I haven't been able to watch it, yet, mostly because I'm a chaos and I haven't started with my due papers (Lit and Theology) and I have a History of Israel paper AND exam and the finals are getting closer... so yeah, my life kinda sucks. 

Add that to the sad fact that in Argentina we don't celebrate Halloween, so I'm missing all the fun :(. Well, maybe I can have a horror movies marathon all by myself... becuse obviously I need to stay home to do all the stuff I should have done before and I can't see my boyfriend... 

Some day I'll learn my lesson and will do things in time... I hope
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Oh my. Tomorrow 7 AM I have to be up and runnig to get to my second semester. And you know what, Its 0:30 and I'm still reading a great AU Harry Potter fic. I wonder why I'm so untalented that I can't write anything? Damn, I hate it.

Anyways, tomorrow I have a Research Workshop about Biblical archaeology and Literary Analysis... it sounds fun. I also have to send Sol some new ideas for her fic.

I'm just rambling now

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