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I'm finally done with the Epilogue for Die fünf Phasen der Liebe. I ended up deleting 3/4 of it and now it's extremely short, but all the sappy sap I loved when I originally wrote it seems awful now. So, it had to go. I've already sent it to the wonderful [ profile] lezi for betaing and I'll post asap. God! I'm so happy close that fic. Even if I had a lot of fun writing it, I've been so uninspired lately that I could not even finish typing it. Lazy ass much?

Now I can continue annexing lands and making Bohemia the new European empire... I'm totally hooked on Europa Universalis. 
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For the first time in two weeks, I was able to sleep 8 hours. And boy, it's not the same than sleeping 3/4 hours every night. Now, I'm actually aware of my surroundings, and not in that awful bright, sharp, loud way that is so usual when a) you don't sleep enough, b) you're hangover. Ughh. 

I also got the charms I bought from[ profile] kagami222 and they are lovely! So, if we exclude the fact that I had a blood extraction and my arm has a blueish spot on it, it's been an amazing Saturday :D

Which brings me to the fact that I need to sit my ass down and type the Epilogue for Die fünf Phasen der Liebe, which was done ages ago and I've been to busy to type and send to [ profile] lezi . Lord, I suck. 

I don't have classes on Monday, so I expect I'll be able to finish everything I have to do (even that pesky little thing called college reading) and maybe start a new fic. I cross my fingers :D

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Jul. 24th, 2010 04:44 pm
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Not that anyone cares, but I just wanted to say that I have not forgotten to post the fifth chapter of Die Fünf Phasen Der Liebe. I'm waiting for it to be betaed by my wonderful [ profile] lezi, who's kind enough to put up with my writing. I plan to type out the Epilogue today and be done with that fic. I should also type the first three chapters of that pesky multi-chaptered fic that I've been working on. 

I've also snatched a prompt from [ profile] hetalia_kink  and I must admit I'm awfully nervous about writing for a new fandom, especially one that is so big. Oh, well, I'm an old girl, aren't I?

I'll be updating [ profile] puckurt 's Delicious page today, by the way. I'm only a few days behind, but I wanted to update the [ profile] glee_kink 's account first as well as deleting duplicate and OOT posts. 

Woah, that was a random, incoherent post. Stupid brain needs more coffee. 
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 It's 1 AM and I still have a fuckton of Hetalia fics to read (damn Prussia/Autria hotness!) but I'm feeling super accomplished right now. I just finished typing the fifth chapter of Die Fünf... and sent it to [ profile] lezi . I hope to post it in a few days and I expect to be done typing the Epilogue by that moment. I also finished the translation I had to do for Damqatum, the on-line bulletin for the Ancient East History Research Centre I work with. It was kind of hard to do, but I feel great when I contribute to something. 

I have also been doing major thinking about my career and I think I will expand my research topic out of Egypt. I mean, I'll still do my thesis on symbolic space usage (long story short, how two different cults use space differently), but I've been thinking I can study the same issue in any period. After all, a cathedral is like an Egyptian temple and modern palaces are mostly building created to emphasise and construct the monarch's power and dignity... and I'm getting tl;dr, but that's it. What if I can be one of the few specialist in symbolic use of space? I think I could die of happines (yes, I am aware I'm a dork). 

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