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've seen many people mentioning that this book was dry and I can't agree. It might be the fact that I am used to reading historical theory books or that my definition of dry is closer to Suimption's, exquisitely detailed and masterfully researched, Hundred Years War series, but I found this book lively and easy to read.
It is true that Schofield reaches some hagiographic moments in his defence of Cromwell, but I think that is to be expected when writing about a man so often slandered with such little reason. Like others, I've came to this books after reading Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies and I have always liked Thomas Cromwell, so I am of course biased. But we all are, in the end, and I think Schofield's description of CRomwell's last months show that he was, indeed, capable of doing morally reprehensible things.

Two things I loved about this books. The first was the clear explanation on Lutheran theology which, being raised in a Catholic family and a Catholic country and having attended a Catholic university was never too clear for me. The second is the abundance of sources and reference works. Too often one finds history books and biographies that make statements without citing their sources, which is frustrating at best and bad research at worst. But Schofield's book has a great bibliography section and his statements are backed up by evidence; a gift for those of us who want to keep reading on the subject.

An interesting exercise was going back to Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies to compare and contrast how Schofield and Mantel tell the same events and Schofield's influence is pretty clear, something I really enjoyed and allowed me to understand some parts of the novels better.

All in all, I loved the book and I'll be re-reading it often
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Prompt: Something involving England and another nation in ballroom dancing (I do like swing and tap dancing but I would like ballroom dancing as the main focus). I'm thinking along the lines of England being an exceptionally good dancer. Doesn't have to be romantic! This anon is interested in seeing Russia, Germany, Romano, India, Prussia, Lichtenstein, Hungary or Spain as England's dance partner.

Why you should read it: It's incredibly sweet, Liechtenstein and England are adorable and IC. Liechtenstein wanting to grow up and England being adorably gentlemanly are reasons enough to read this fic. Not to mention that the author has a great way with words.


I love England + Liechtenstein and this fic is just adorable.
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Unfortunately I had classes and the whole thing started at 6AM here (we are -3 GMT) so I couldn't watch the entire ceremony, but I did manage to watch until they say the "I do" part. I wake up at 6 in the morning, any way, so I caught the transmission when they were entering the Abbey and all the pretty dresses and hats were on display. And the drive to uni was weirdly fast,; when I got there my friends were in the bar watching the transmission and let me tell you, even the one who's a very anti-monarchic communist was touched. That's how adorable everyone was. 

I loved the dress. She looked gorgeous and so, so classy. Her dress looked kind of like Grace Kelly's, don't you think? And he looked really handsome in his scarlet uniform. Also, I don't care if everyone hated the Queen's outfit. I think that when you are over 80 and the Queen of England, you honestly don't have to listen to fashion critics. 'Cause you have a crown and a bitching unicorn and a bad-ass looking lion in your coat of arms. JS. 

Anyway, I'm a sucker for weddings (I did cry when William of Orange married Maxima - of course there was some patriotic pride there -) and I'm a bigger sucker for Royal weddings because, well, because I'm like that.. 

So yeah, loved it. I hope they are happy for decades to come. 
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Awesome YouTube vid about the stereotypes between the English and the French. Glorious moments? "The English... rosbif?", "Frogs" and the little summary below the vid: 

Coming top of the poll, what really niggles us about the French is that they're not very friendly, consider themselves culturally superior and are "bad at war"! While the French think we're terrible at cooking, love and that we eat too much.
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From The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England: "Prostitutes are not tolerated in London except in one street, Cock Lane". I totally snorted. This is why I love History. And yes, I'm that juvenile.
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I bought a new book, and a Shakespeare play, at that! Edward III has been incorporated to Shakespeare's canon and aSpanish translation was released this year. The book just hit the book stores and I had to have it. I'm still reading the prologue but I'm so damned excited about it. I mean, it's Edward III after all. 

Thank you to every one who has been there to support me and hold my hand. You are wonderful. 


Nov. 17th, 2010 07:05 pm
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Fellow US/UK/US shippers! Have you seen the writing comm for our precious ship? It's the [ profile] usxukworkshop and it was created by [ profile] bluemyst19 as a space to help and get help in our writing projects. Check it out guys!

*I have no idea who the creator of that cute drawing is. If anyone knows, let me know so I can credit hir. Thank you!
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 For the first time I more than ten years I've read het porn and enjoyed it. It feels so weird... I thought I should share it. 

Trade Agreements (England/Ukraine) in [ profile] hetalia_kink

Boy, England is hot


Nov. 12th, 2010 11:22 pm
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I'm thinking of getting a new tattoo and I can't decide what I want. I have two options and both of them are very dear to me. I want to get a ribbon like phrase around my ankle (I'm thinking the left one, both to cover my scar and because it's the heart's side) and I can't make my mind which motto would be best. 

On one hand, I want 'Dieu et Mon Droit' because it was Henry V's motto and I study history after falling in love with Kenneth Branagh's film. On the other, I have always loved 'Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne' (Anne Boleyn's motto) because it clicks with my way of thinking. In addition, she was Elizabeth I's mother, after all and I worship Elizabeth. 

I'm stuck! Both of them represent something really close to my heart... Yeah, I know, it's not a real problem but I hate being unsure. 
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I know many of the people in my f-list is very aware when it comes to politics, something I really appreciate. I love talking about real world issues, as you may know. Which brings me to the point of this post: Wikileaks. I don't know how many of you are following this or following the tweets about this but I am. And I kind of wish I were shocked by the kind of information being released but I am not. I guess my own country's history made me a cynical because I do not trust any government. I simply don't. 

Over 60% of the casualties were civilians. It seems that every time some important jerk decides to wage war on some other important jerk, innocent people end dying. And being an almost historian I know this is what always happens, but that knowledge doesn't make it less horrific. I am not sure what I want to say, it's not that I wasn't aware of this but... yeah. It's awful. 

I'm following this trough Twitter, The NY Times and The Guardian, as well as trough a national paper, Perfil. Right now, I'm thinking about the fact that UN called on Obama to investigate human rights abuses and how the US ignored the cases of torture
More links: Wikileaks || The war logs
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I seldom rec anything here but I need to do this. I've been reading this gorgeous fill [ profile] hetalia_kink and I thought of sharing it with the world my f-list. 

The prompt:

Let's assume we're at a prestigious private boarding all-boys high school.

Arthur's a freshman. Alfred's the teacher, a significantly older teacher. Mr. Jones feels terribly guilty for wanting his student, but makes advances on him anyway. Arthur rejects him, uh, not with polite words.

Alfred pulls his teacher/guardian string to lure Arthur into bed, so that he can teach Arthur a thing or two about respect. Arthur only consents because he has no other choice. What I really want to see is severe imbalance in power/control in their relationship.

Angst is a must, dub-con/non-con is fine, smut is delicious.

Bonus: Arthur receives financial aid from school. Alfred uses that as leverage.
Bonus 2: Arthur's a virgin before Alfred.
Bonus 3: Arthur's friend, [insert] finds out and tries to do something about it.

So, yes, this is me reccing a rape fic again. But like last time, this is not the kind of story you get off to or in which the author uses rape as a cheap plot device or a way to fall in love or a excuse for Healing!Panis. No, no. This, like Ah, Underneath, by the brilliant [ profile] themillersson is well written and realistic and painful

The story is written from Alfred's POV and the author gives us a terrifying but engaging glimpse of Alfred's mind. I was going to write "predator" but I backtracked. Alfred is a predator in this story (the blackmail, the hand lotion) but he's not a serial rapist as far as we know. He starts being a normal person and descends to the depths of an obsession that reminded me, somehow, to Humbert Humber. Somehow, because as I said, he's not looking for children but is obsessed with Arthur and rationalises everything, his lust, his feelings, his need to blame the victim. But unlike HH , Alfred knows (somewhere) he's doing something terrible. It's truly an amazing piece. 

Francis also appears as Arthur's roommate (crush?) and Matt does, as well, as Alfred's brother. 

I can't do this story justice, but I can pimp it. If you feel like it, go ahead and read it. It's a WIP with 76 parts up to now. Ah! I almost forgot. I think it's by the same person who, I think,  wrote Sign A New Agreement With iTunes which is, to this day, my favourite FrUK fic.

Part One (1 to  56) || Part Two (57 to 76)
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 I read this great article in The Guardian about the reasons why the English believe in ghosts. I LOL'd like crazy.

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Look at my future purchase:


Aren't they absurdly adorable? 
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 I'm watching a documentary (A history of Britain) and all of sudden, while talking about the Roman inavsion, England's shimeji decided to pop up and A) Sit looking pissed on the shore and B) Crawl up the cliffs. 

Look at him!

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A dear friend was making a timeline of the American Revolutionary War and she came across with this: US and UK: A transatlantic love story? which she found hilarious, knowing my Hetalia obsession.  Ngl, I giggled. A lot. Like the shameless fangirl that I am. Why so awesome, international politics?

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