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I've recently been downloading tons of books and articles and I thought "Let's share!" Most of my ~collection is in English. I’ll make a note when something is in Spanish and I’ll list the articles separately. I’m not sure if I should upload every book or if it’s best to upload a book only if someone is interested in it. Does that make sense? Anyway, let me know what you think. I’ll be compiling my stuff.

On other news (LOL), my cousin is having a baby ♥_ ♥ I’m so happy for them and I really hope the baby is a girl :) I also passed my Economic History exam, so yay me!
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Remember my sister dislocating her jaw? Well, tonight she was heating up water to make some tea and somehow spilled it on her arm. And her arm is completely bandaged  and she even burnt her armpit. Seriously, the people in the ER are going to think we beat her up or something.  I'm staying awake with her for 2 more hours until a friend can take her to the hospital. The poor kid is jinxed, I'm sure.
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I learnt to love many things from my mum. Shakespeare, Wilde, Elton John, Queen, tea  and, of course, Lennon (and The Beatles). Mum was 17 when Lennon died and she would always said that it was really the end of childhood. My mum is no longer with me but every time I see or listen to some of the things she loved (the things she taught me to love) I feel like there's a little bit of her with me. 

So, every homage to Lennon makes me smile a little, knowing that mum is surely enjoying it, somehow. For my mum, then, one of the songs I grew up listening to and singing with her: 

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