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 I've seen people posting again, trying to bring the old LJ back from the dead. I hope it catches, you know? And I feel weird because I don't even know if there is someone reading this but whatever.

How are things going for you guys? I am kind of terrified because I have a conference this Tuesday and it's been such a long time since I've spoken in public but I am also really fucking happy. Things are going better, thank God. And it seems that I got a new job with health insurance and a good salary and just nice.

So, umm, crickets? Or not?

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Remember when I was moaning about lack of fandom for the Arthur Books? I'm not alone
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This is for my dear friend [ profile] kirke_novak 

You are the best ♥


Apr. 5th, 2011 10:15 pm
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Taken from [ profile] alliterations 

Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular/fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why.
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Taken from [ profile] alliterations 

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top three ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

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Taken from [ profile] haro 

(I don't have to like the pairing, I may never have considered it before, but name any pairing you like as long as I know the fandom!)

And I will ramble on about:

1. Whether I like it or not.
2. Why I like it if I do.
3. What would make me like it if I don't.
4. If I'd write it/rp it.
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Taken from [ profile] niamy_tak 

Leave me a character from any fandom in my ask and I'll answer with:
  • Favorite thing about them
  • Least favorite thing about them
  • My OTP for them
  • My favorite friendship for them
  • Favorite quote or line they’ve said
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Taken from [ profile] recrudescence 

Tell me a fandom (Glee, Hetalia, Buffy, Heroes, X-Files, X-Men, Evangelion, Blood, Shakespeare, lol, Harry Potter, etc.) and I'll tell you:

My endgame OTP:
My original OTP:
My crack OTP:
My guilty pleasure OTP:
My anti-OTP:
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Taken from [ profile] boysinperil 

Ask me a fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.
Anon comenting is on, like always.
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Reply to this post and I'll name 5 fandoms so you can respond with your favorite character/person from each!

Read more... )
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The Purple Dove Project is a fandom auction intended primarily to help combat anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools, in homes, and elsewhere. All winning bids will go to organizations actively working toward this cause, or to organizations actively working to support or promote LGBTQ rights. 


Just spreading the word, my friends. 
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 I'm all over the place this afternoon, sorry. 

Stolen from [ profile] merkintosh 

Give me a word and a pairing and I'll write at least a one-sentence fic. Maybe more, idk. 
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I have the self control of a 3 years old kid. And two credit cards. That's a terrible, terrible combination. I've been craving to buy something Hetalia-related because I love buying stuff. I still want Austria's plushie, but $50 plus shipment it's just too much for me D: So, imagine my glee (sorry, couldn't resist it) when [ profile] kagami222 posted these lovely charms at an affordable price! 

It's been a lifetime since I bought something from any fandom... I think the last thing was this (admitely kick ass) Phoenix action figure. Unless The Omen Collection counts, but I don't think so.

Anyhow, I'm happy with the cute charms (Austria, Prussia and America) and I feel like I'm 16 again, hunting cute things <3
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Today I had my last exam, which took forever because a function of lazy bastards from previous years were taking it too. Fortunately, I got easy topics (causes of WWI, 1830 revolution, Zionism, Dreyfus, Austrian Empire) and I love, love this period, so I got a 10 out of 10. Which makes me happy because it's the first perfect score I've got in this exam period, so it lifted my self-esteem. And I know it's silly and vain (I got really good grades in the other exams) but I needed a mood boost, you know?

Anyway, this means that I have two free weeks to finish posting my fic series (Die Fünf Phasen Der Liebe), type out the first three chapters of my upcoming one (no title yet and actual plot! *is scared*), write a few prompts (I have two in mind, by the awesome [ profile] kirke_novak ) and basically indulge myself. Life is good right now :D

If anyone is wondering, the picture I posted is Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (1818) by Caspar David Friedrich and it's one of my favourite paintings ever. 


Jun. 30th, 2010 01:31 am
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Because I obviously didn't have enough with one fandom to keep me away from studying, I had to re-discover Gravitation. And get hooked on Hetalia. Now, I'm shipping England/France. Because I'm a dork and a perv. 

Stupid me.

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