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Prompt: Something involving England and another nation in ballroom dancing (I do like swing and tap dancing but I would like ballroom dancing as the main focus). I'm thinking along the lines of England being an exceptionally good dancer. Doesn't have to be romantic! This anon is interested in seeing Russia, Germany, Romano, India, Prussia, Lichtenstein, Hungary or Spain as England's dance partner.

Why you should read it: It's incredibly sweet, Liechtenstein and England are adorable and IC. Liechtenstein wanting to grow up and England being adorably gentlemanly are reasons enough to read this fic. Not to mention that the author has a great way with words.


I love England + Liechtenstein and this fic is just adorable.
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 For the first time I more than ten years I've read het porn and enjoyed it. It feels so weird... I thought I should share it. 

Trade Agreements (England/Ukraine) in [ profile] hetalia_kink

Boy, England is hot
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I seldom rec anything here but I need to do this. I've been reading this gorgeous fill [ profile] hetalia_kink and I thought of sharing it with the world my f-list. 

The prompt:

Let's assume we're at a prestigious private boarding all-boys high school.

Arthur's a freshman. Alfred's the teacher, a significantly older teacher. Mr. Jones feels terribly guilty for wanting his student, but makes advances on him anyway. Arthur rejects him, uh, not with polite words.

Alfred pulls his teacher/guardian string to lure Arthur into bed, so that he can teach Arthur a thing or two about respect. Arthur only consents because he has no other choice. What I really want to see is severe imbalance in power/control in their relationship.

Angst is a must, dub-con/non-con is fine, smut is delicious.

Bonus: Arthur receives financial aid from school. Alfred uses that as leverage.
Bonus 2: Arthur's a virgin before Alfred.
Bonus 3: Arthur's friend, [insert] finds out and tries to do something about it.

So, yes, this is me reccing a rape fic again. But like last time, this is not the kind of story you get off to or in which the author uses rape as a cheap plot device or a way to fall in love or a excuse for Healing!Panis. No, no. This, like Ah, Underneath, by the brilliant [ profile] themillersson is well written and realistic and painful

The story is written from Alfred's POV and the author gives us a terrifying but engaging glimpse of Alfred's mind. I was going to write "predator" but I backtracked. Alfred is a predator in this story (the blackmail, the hand lotion) but he's not a serial rapist as far as we know. He starts being a normal person and descends to the depths of an obsession that reminded me, somehow, to Humbert Humber. Somehow, because as I said, he's not looking for children but is obsessed with Arthur and rationalises everything, his lust, his feelings, his need to blame the victim. But unlike HH , Alfred knows (somewhere) he's doing something terrible. It's truly an amazing piece. 

Francis also appears as Arthur's roommate (crush?) and Matt does, as well, as Alfred's brother. 

I can't do this story justice, but I can pimp it. If you feel like it, go ahead and read it. It's a WIP with 76 parts up to now. Ah! I almost forgot. I think it's by the same person who, I think,  wrote Sign A New Agreement With iTunes which is, to this day, my favourite FrUK fic.

Part One (1 to  56) || Part Two (57 to 76)
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 I'm all over the place this afternoon, sorry. 

Stolen from [ profile] merkintosh 

Give me a word and a pairing and I'll write at least a one-sentence fic. Maybe more, idk. 
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 I did it. I wrote a (super short) fic for Hetalia, using the prompts from [ profile] 64damn_prompts  and I'm kind of nervous, negl. Oh, well! I hard to start somehow, right? 

By the way, that comm is awesome. 
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 I'm going trough a horrible writer's block and one so bad that I can't even bring myself to type out the Epilogue of my last fic. Because I'm tired of mopping I decided to create a journal dedicated exclusively to fiction where I will post my future stories. I'll re-post everything there and I'll probably lock/set as private the ones I have here, if the people who commented on them is OK with it. 

The new journal is completely public, anon comments are allowed and no IPs will be saved. Everyone is completely free to say whatever they want. Concrit is something I beg for. 

I'll use this journal as a place to squee over fandom and real life and basically everything but fiction. Rest assure that this is not an attention-whore move. You know I'm not like that. I simply want to breath new life to my admittedly apathetic writing mood as well as having a journal where I can post my stories (which are mostly porn, as you all know) without having it mixed with real life. Not because I'm ashamed of it, mind you, but because I like organisation. And because, as I say, I want a fresh start to shake off the melancholia I'm feeling lately. 

Ah! Silly head I have. The fic journal is [ profile] solequeene
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There are some fics that need to be read. This is one of them. Pure crack and parody on the oh-so-trite smut common places, in this case, for Hetalia fandom. Read it. I laughed so hard that I cried real tear XD

Title: Buttsex: The Musical - Which isn't actually a musical.
Artist: [ profile] kaasen 
Characters: US/UK, France/Prussia, Spain/Romano, Sweden/Finland, Germany/Italy, Russia/Liet
Rating: NC-17
Warning: There is some pretty horrendously awful sex at the end. Also cursing.
Summary: America comes up with a cliche game to fill the time. Who will last in an hour of extreme sexual awkwardness?! ((Btw I fixed a pretty bad error that someone pointed out to me at the kink meme so thanks whoever you are orz;;))


Aug. 6th, 2010 05:37 pm
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 Ok, I assume everyone has watched it. If you haven't, go and watch it, goddamn it!!

Anyway, I'm ridiculously happy to see that there is an [ profile] inception_kink that is really active. So, yeah, I'll be reading Inception and Hetalia porn... Go visit it, people. It's all kinds of awesome. 
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All my fics are located in my writing journal, [ profile] solequeene 

Fic news

Jul. 24th, 2010 04:44 pm
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Not that anyone cares, but I just wanted to say that I have not forgotten to post the fifth chapter of Die Fünf Phasen Der Liebe. I'm waiting for it to be betaed by my wonderful [ profile] lezi, who's kind enough to put up with my writing. I plan to type out the Epilogue today and be done with that fic. I should also type the first three chapters of that pesky multi-chaptered fic that I've been working on. 

I've also snatched a prompt from [ profile] hetalia_kink  and I must admit I'm awfully nervous about writing for a new fandom, especially one that is so big. Oh, well, I'm an old girl, aren't I?

I'll be updating [ profile] puckurt 's Delicious page today, by the way. I'm only a few days behind, but I wanted to update the [ profile] glee_kink 's account first as well as deleting duplicate and OOT posts. 

Woah, that was a random, incoherent post. Stupid brain needs more coffee. 
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 It's 1 AM and I still have a fuckton of Hetalia fics to read (damn Prussia/Autria hotness!) but I'm feeling super accomplished right now. I just finished typing the fifth chapter of Die Fünf... and sent it to [ profile] lezi . I hope to post it in a few days and I expect to be done typing the Epilogue by that moment. I also finished the translation I had to do for Damqatum, the on-line bulletin for the Ancient East History Research Centre I work with. It was kind of hard to do, but I feel great when I contribute to something. 

I have also been doing major thinking about my career and I think I will expand my research topic out of Egypt. I mean, I'll still do my thesis on symbolic space usage (long story short, how two different cults use space differently), but I've been thinking I can study the same issue in any period. After all, a cathedral is like an Egyptian temple and modern palaces are mostly building created to emphasise and construct the monarch's power and dignity... and I'm getting tl;dr, but that's it. What if I can be one of the few specialist in symbolic use of space? I think I could die of happines (yes, I am aware I'm a dork). 
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Today I had my last exam, which took forever because a function of lazy bastards from previous years were taking it too. Fortunately, I got easy topics (causes of WWI, 1830 revolution, Zionism, Dreyfus, Austrian Empire) and I love, love this period, so I got a 10 out of 10. Which makes me happy because it's the first perfect score I've got in this exam period, so it lifted my self-esteem. And I know it's silly and vain (I got really good grades in the other exams) but I needed a mood boost, you know?

Anyway, this means that I have two free weeks to finish posting my fic series (Die Fünf Phasen Der Liebe), type out the first three chapters of my upcoming one (no title yet and actual plot! *is scared*), write a few prompts (I have two in mind, by the awesome [ profile] kirke_novak ) and basically indulge myself. Life is good right now :D

If anyone is wondering, the picture I posted is Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (1818) by Caspar David Friedrich and it's one of my favourite paintings ever. 
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Taken from [ profile] pyroclastic 

1. What's your favorite pairing to write? Is this the same as your OTP?
I have only written fics for Kurt/Puck and that is my OTP. too.

2. Which is the strangest pairing you've written?
I have no previous fic experience, though I tried to write Lucius/Snape. Key word being tried.

3. What pairing would you love to write but are afraid to and why?
Kurt/Finn. I don't think I can get Finn's voice properly, which is sad.

4. What's your favourite piece of your own work and why?
I have a weak spot for Not Enough. But I think my best are Red, Black and White, White Hermes and the third chapter of  Die Fünf Phasen Der Liebe.

5. What's your least favorite piece of your own work and why?
Boys' Games. I still like the breath-play prompt, but my job filling it was not good. 

6. Which piece of your writing most expresses what you believe to be your writing style?
The three pieces I mentioned as my favourite ones. I think White Hermes is a good example of  "my style".

7. Which piece of your writing do you believe to be most out of character with your writing style?
The fluff piece, First, Second and Third, mostly because it's my only attempt on fluff.

8. Do you prefer to write for yourself or for other people?
I really like writing for others. My last stories are fills or (in the series' case) part of [ profile] help_chile. I'm working on two prompts by [ profile] kirke_novak , one by [ profile] pupnamedpeter and two more for [ profile] lezi . I expect to be able to post them soon. I'm also working on a non-prompt fic, which is different from my usual stuff and it's making me nervous. 

9. How do you feel about comments and constructive criticism?
I want concrit. I really appreciated the one I got in [ profile] boysinperil 's concrit meme and that's what prompted to start writing the story I mentioned above. I really don't get offended. Au contraire, I crave for concrit. 

10. Do you prefer to write slash/het/both/everything? Is this the same as what you like to read?
I prefer slash but I like Gen, too. I'm not big on het, but I like femmeslash quite enough. I don't write anything but slash... but I'm thinking of a Gen fic. 
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 Today I passed the exam I was most scared of. I still have two more exams next week and I have to do some paperwork for my job, but after the 16th I'll be free as a bird. I plan to advance on my fic (not Die Funf) and fill a few prompts, as well as try to write something for Hetalia fandom. I'd love to work on my "Horror Cinema as social catharsis" essay... so little time, so many projects *sigh*
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 So, Germany kicked our ass. Now, I'll have to work on Wednesday. This is why I hate football.

On an unrelated note,  I had a dreamed (I dreamed it for you, dad) which described, in full detail, what I have to write to fill this prompt. It seems inspiration is coming to me exactly when I don't need it because I have to study. What a bitch.

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