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I'm finally done with the Epilogue for Die fünf Phasen der Liebe. I ended up deleting 3/4 of it and now it's extremely short, but all the sappy sap I loved when I originally wrote it seems awful now. So, it had to go. I've already sent it to the wonderful [ profile] lezi for betaing and I'll post asap. God! I'm so happy close that fic. Even if I had a lot of fun writing it, I've been so uninspired lately that I could not even finish typing it. Lazy ass much?

Now I can continue annexing lands and making Bohemia the new European empire... I'm totally hooked on Europa Universalis. 
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My boyfriend left me his PSP with this cute little game he was sure I'd love and he was right. It's called Patapon 2 and is about a tribe who has to face its enemies... with the power of music and dance! You are a god to this little fellows and you have to make music for them. It's great and really, really cute. 

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Jul. 19th, 2010 05:50 pm
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 I've finally cave in and bought Spore. After being disappointed by Sims 3 I had promised myself not to fall in EA's claws again. But I'm bored and the graphics are cute... and god damn, Spore is awesome. Right now I'm in the creature stage and trying to learn how to dance D:

I shouldn't go looking for stuff to get hooked on, you know? Anyone plays it? Or other cool games you just love?

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