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I want to watch Dr Who but I don't knwo where I should start. In the 60s? David Tennant's run? Other? 
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Like it was done for Chile, there's a community dedicated to help Australia after the terrible floods we all are aware of. This comm works (just like [ profile] help_chile) allows authors/artists/etc. to offer their works and other people to bid for them. Please, take a look at it!

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The Purple Dove Project is a fandom auction intended primarily to help combat anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools, in homes, and elsewhere. All winning bids will go to organizations actively working toward this cause, or to organizations actively working to support or promote LGBTQ rights. 


Just spreading the word, my friends. 
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I wonder of anyone can help me to find some information about the October Crisis and the FLQ. I have the final exam of American (the continent) History next week and I have to pick a theme to start my exam. I picked this one (I'm not sure why) and I'm looking for articles/information that I can read. Do you know any? In English, please, I don't trust my French enough to use it for an exam. 

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 I'm working on a project for college in which I have to plan a class. Basically, I have to present all the steps, resources and information I'd use to teach an specific topic, in my case it is the Thirty Years War. I'm collecting literature, movies, paintings, etc. that refer to or reflect this period. Right now I'm working with the movies Queen Christina and Alatriste and with the plays Wallenstein by Schiller and Mutter Courage ad ihre Kinder by Brecht. I wonder of anyone knows of any resources I can use. Anything would help, really. 

Thank you!
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Ah... classes have been so mean to me!

Anyway, congratulations [ profile] astuta and thank you so much for bidding for a fic written by me. I'm extremely flattered XD

I'll start working in the fic ASAP, I promise. 

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I posted an offer in [ profile] help_chile . If anyone is interested, it's here.

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