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you know how this works

Let's vote

[Poll #1530181]
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No surprises, I must say

Round 5:

Throwdown [Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk] (60.2%)
Showmance [Ryan Murphy & Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk/Ian Brennan]  (39.8%)

Round 6:

Pilot DC [Ryan Murphy & Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk/Ian Brennan] (67.4%)
Pilot [Ryan Murphy & Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk/Ian Brennan] (32.6%)
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 Here they are, the most loved released songs. 

I was surprised, to be honest, but the winner is an amazing song. 

Gold Medal:

Don't Rain on My Parade [40.2%]

Silver Medal:

Don't Stop Believing [30.4%]

Bronze Medal:

Somebody to Love [29.5%]

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Ok... Rounds 3 and 4 winners and the next poll, guys.[Poll #1528076][Poll #1528076]
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 Here they are, welcome them, Round Three's results:

Number 1:

Don't Stop Believin' [ND] (36.4%)

Second place:

True Colors [ND] (14.4%)


Papa Don't Preach [Dianna Agron] (11.0%)


4) Smile [Lea Michele/Kevin McHale/Amber Riley] (8.5%)

5) Lean on Me [ND] (6.8%)

6) And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going [Amber Riley] (5.9%) //  Hair / Crazy in Love [ND] (5.9%) 

7) Endless Love [Lea Michele/Matthew Morrison] (4.2%)

8) Don't Make Me Over [Amber Riley] (2.5%) // Thong Song [Matthew Morrison] (2.5%)

9) Smile [Lea Michele/Cory Monteith]  (1.7%)

10) (You're) Having My Baby {Cory Monteith] (0.0%) // Bootylicious [Jane Addams Academy] (0.0%)

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 Well, I can't say I'm surprised but yay!!!!

Favourite Glee unreleased song is * drum-roll*

Defying Gravity [Chris Colfer]

Let's rejoice! This is an awesome version of an awesome song and the only chance we had of hearing darling Chris's voice after the Pilot, so yay!!!!

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Well, here they are, the first two rounds results. I'm kind of surprised with number 2 winner, because I really think Mash Up it's a terrible episode... but the people has spoke![Poll #1525132][Poll #1525132]
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Last round before the grand finale.[Poll #1522577]
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So, that's it. The final. The moment of the truth. Which one is your favourite unreleased song? The jam session [Poll #1522574]
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 Here they are, Round 2 results

Gold Medal:

Don't Rain on My Parade [Lea Michele] - (42.1%)

Silver Medal:

It's My Life/Confessions Part II [New Directions - Boys] (33.9%)

Bronze Medal:

Keep Holding On [New Directions]  (24.0%)

The other medals:

4)Defying Gravity [Chris Colfer/Lea Michele] - (19.7%)
5) Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl [Matthew Morrison] - (18.6%)
6) I'll Stand by You [Cory Montheith] - (13.7%) || Jump [New Directions] - (13.7%)
7) You Keep Me Hangin' On [New Directions] - (12.6%)
8) Can't Fight This Feeling [Cory Monteith] - (10.9%)
9) Gold Digger [New Directions] - (8.2%)
10) On My Own [Lea Michele] (7.1%) ||  Alone [Kristin Chenoweth/Matthew Morrrison] (7.1%)
11) Push It [New Directions] - (6.6%) || 11) Last Name [New Directions + Kristin Chenoweth] (6.6%)
12) Crush [Lea Michele] - (3.3%)
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Once again, I'm not surprised by the winner, but the runner ups :D

Soon we'll know which unreleased song is the favourite!


Defying Gravity [Chris Colfer] - (47.9%)

First princess:

I Could Have Danced All Night [Jayma Mays] -  (24.2%)

Second Princess:

I Wanna Sex You Up [Acafellas] - (22.1%)

Runner Ups:

4) Leaving on a Jet Plane [Matthew Morrison] - (13.2%)
5) Tonight  [Jenna Ushkowitz] - (10.5%)
6) Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat [New Directions] - (9.5%)
7) Le Freak  [New Directions] - (2.1%)
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I'm a poll-whore. I can't help myself. I love polls. I saw something like this over TBBT comms, and I think it's a great idea. We have 13 episodes + the uncut Pilot, so I'll propose you 7 rounds, two episodes each... The winners will face randomly (I know it's an odd number, so I had to find a way around). [Poll #1522021][Poll #1522021]
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Round tow, ladies and gentlemen![Poll #1518830]
Let's vote!

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So! Round two for unreleased songs. You know the rules, one vote per person and the poll will be open for a week.[Poll #1518782]
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Released Songs winners are here!

First place goes to...

Somebody to Love (31.5%)  [New Directions]

Silver medal:

Sweet Caroline (13.4%) [Mark Salling]


My Life Would Suck Without You (10.1%) [New Directions]

The rest:

Maybe This Time (8.1%) [Kristin Chenoweth, Lea Michele]

You Can't Always Get What You Want  (4.7%) [ND]
Hate on Me(4,7%) [/Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Harry Shum, Jr, Dijon Talton, Jenna Ushkowitz]
Dancing with Myself (4,7%) [Kevin McHale]

Halo" / "Walking on Sunshine (4%) [New Directions Girls] 

Bust Your Windows (3,4%) [Amber Riley]
Taking Chances (3,4%) [Lea Michele]
Imagine (3,4%) [ND]

Bust a Move (2,7%) [ND]

No Air  (2%) [Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Heather Morris, Mark Salling]
Take a Bow (2%) [Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz]
Proud Mary (2%) [ND]

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 Well, the results of Round one are here and I'm pretty surprised! Not with the winner but with the second place. I so want that song complete and available...

So, here they are, Round One winner is: 

Ride wit Me!!!! [New Directions]

This song got 30, 8% of the votes. As I said, I'm not surprised, it is a lovely number. 

Other results:

Mr Cellophane (16.8%) [Chris Colfer]
I Say a Little Prayer  (13.3%) [Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris]

4th place and more

Defying Gravity (12.6%) [Lea Michele]

This Is How We Do It (5.6%)  [Matthew Morrison]
Poison (5.6%) [Bell Biv DeVoe/Kent Avenido, Patrick Gallagher, Matthew Morrison, John Lloyd Young] 

La Camisa Negra  (4.9%) [Mark Salling]

You're the One That I Want (3.5%) [Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz]

Cabaret (2.8%) [Lea Michele]
Respect (2.8%) [Amber Riley]

I Kissed a Girl(0,7%) [Jenna Ushkowitz]
What a Girl Wants (0.7%) [Lea Michele]

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (0%) [Kent Avenido, Patrick Gallagher, John Lloyd Young, Matthew Morrison, Stephen Tobolowsky]
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More polls!

This time for released songs.

Same rules than for the unreleased songs one!

[Poll #1513403]
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Well, I [Poll #1513385]

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So, what's your fave, now that the first 13 episodes are over? The poll will be open until December 19th, 1 AM (local time) Comment is LOVE [Poll #1497414][Poll #1497414]Well, well, well, I must admit I'm surprised even if I am very, very pleased. Not only is Wheels the favourite episode (my personal favourite with Preggers) but of the three most liked, two are Kurt-centric!!

I'm so, so, very happy

The results:

Gold Medal:
Wheels (Ryan Murphy) [Paris Barclay] (21.1%)

Silver Medal:
Sectionals (Brad Falchuk) [Brad Falchuk] (20.6%)

Bronze Medal: 
Preggers (Brad Falchuk) [Brad Falchuk] - 59 (16.4%)

Runner Ups:

- Mash-Up (Ian Brennan) [Elodie Keene] (8.9%)

2º -
Pilot (Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, & Ian Brennan) [Ryan Murphy] (6.1%)

 Tie between * Vitamin D (Ryan Murphy) [Elodie Keene] (5.8%)                            

                            * Ballad (Brad Falchuk) [Brad Falchuk] (5.8%)

- The Rhodes Not Taken (Ian Brennan) [John Scott] (4.4%)

Tie between * Showmance (Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, & Ian Brennan) [Ryan Murphy] (3.1%)                             

                             * Throwdown (Brad Falchuk) [Ryan Murphy] (3.1%)

- Matress (Ryan Murphy) [Elodie Keene] (2.5%)

Tie between * Acafellas (Ryan Murphy) [John Scott] (1.1%)                             

                            * Hairography (Ian Brennan) [Bill D'Elia] (1.1%)

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