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This is for my dear friend [ profile] kirke_novak 

You are the best ♥
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I posted an offer in [ profile] help_chile . If anyone is interested, it's here.


Jan. 8th, 2010 01:24 pm
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Oh, my, I'm just SO happy!!! One of my fics have (Not Enough) have been translated to Portuguese by the sweet Miwwwy, over 

Unfortunately, I don't understand a word of Portuguese (shame on me) but I'm super, ultra, über flattered. Here's the link, in case anyonewants to check it:   Insuficiente

Thank you so much to everyone!!!
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Puck felt like a child on his birthday the day he discovered ho delightfully sensitive the scar in Kurt’s inner thigh was.


Vacations with Kurt Hummel were no vacations at all as he insisted on doing every activity available while Puck only wanted to sleep in and have breakfast in bed


Even if Finn is a straight as you can be, he can’t help hating the QB a little; after all he knows Finn will ever be the Knigh in Shining Armour of Kurt’s tale and that totally sucks.

4.Life Or Death.

Before dating Kurt, he never thought that shortage of lip gloss was a matter of life of death 5.Music. Puck had decided that Kurt was really made of music: soft, classy music when walking down the hall; passionate, atonal and erratic accords when squirming under him.


Kissing Puck in the locker room, in front of the whole team, could have been his last act but the shocked look on Puck’s eyes made it SO worthy.


He likes to lie in his bed, feeling Kurt’s soft, warm body against him, even if they haven’t had sex: knowing he is loved is enough.


Puck discovered that, after sex, all Kurt feels is hunger

9.Drunk. Drunken Kurt flirts with other men; Puck never thought he could hate booze so much

10.Moment of Clarity. It hit him one afternoon, while hearing Kurt bitch about someone’s crimes against fashion, he, Noah Puckerman wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kurt Hummel


Kurt likes cold and Puck hates it; Puck loves to tan and Kurt can’t venture without sun blocking but they both love rain and that’s good enough.

12.Pain. It hurt the first time, having Puck inside him, but Kurt Hummel was nothing if not brave and took it like a real man.

Kurt had decided that Puck’s chest was the most comfortable pillow ever.


Kurt wants a tattoo; Puck can’t stand the idea of someone else leaving a mark on Kurt: that’s his job.

15.Making Up.

The best part of making up is not the sex, but looking at Kurt’s eyes and knowing he’s loved


Food sex is not a good idea after all


Tequila tastes better when you lick it from Kurt’s pale belly


Kurt bed is big and luxurious, Puck bed is narrow and squeaky, neither really cares as long as they get to share it.


Even if it’s not his blood running through her, Puck looks at baby Anna and all he sees is his daughter.


Kurt kissed Tony from work and Puck forgave him, but betrayal stings more than he thought it would.


Anyone would think that having Kurt’s cock up his ass was the ultimate trust proof; anyone would be wrong

22.Five Senses.

Soft skin to touch, green-blue eyes to gaze into, sweet perfume to smell all night, angelic voice to hear and sweet mouth to ravish


The ten years reunion brought back tons of memories: some nice (first kiss in the rehearsal room), some awful (Hammer Time!) and some sad (Matt’s car accident); but lying in Puck’s arms made it all better: he’d rather dream of future than mourn the past.

24.Time of Day.

Kurt was not a morning person: his hair would stick, his face would be all flushed from sleeping and his eyes would be dark and drowsy; Puck thinks it’s the hottest thing he had ever seen

25.Kissing in the Rain.

Kissing in the rain might seem romantic in movies, but it’s NOT romantic to have your hair ruined.
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