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Prompt: Something involving England and another nation in ballroom dancing (I do like swing and tap dancing but I would like ballroom dancing as the main focus). I'm thinking along the lines of England being an exceptionally good dancer. Doesn't have to be romantic! This anon is interested in seeing Russia, Germany, Romano, India, Prussia, Lichtenstein, Hungary or Spain as England's dance partner.

Why you should read it: It's incredibly sweet, Liechtenstein and England are adorable and IC. Liechtenstein wanting to grow up and England being adorably gentlemanly are reasons enough to read this fic. Not to mention that the author has a great way with words.


I love England + Liechtenstein and this fic is just adorable.

Dead Set

Jul. 26th, 2011 01:30 am
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Yesterday I watched Dead Set and it was amazing! Great gore, good acting, believable characters and the English language in all its glory thanks to a myriad of curses. There's something magic about shooting zombies while calling them "wankers". If you are into Z-genre, well, give ir a try, it's all sorts of cool.

PS: I just found out that something called Zombie Nazis exist and fuck, I need to watch that.
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 For the first time I more than ten years I've read het porn and enjoyed it. It feels so weird... I thought I should share it. 

Trade Agreements (England/Ukraine) in [ profile] hetalia_kink

Boy, England is hot
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I seldom rec anything here but I need to do this. I've been reading this gorgeous fill [ profile] hetalia_kink and I thought of sharing it with the world my f-list. 

The prompt:

Let's assume we're at a prestigious private boarding all-boys high school.

Arthur's a freshman. Alfred's the teacher, a significantly older teacher. Mr. Jones feels terribly guilty for wanting his student, but makes advances on him anyway. Arthur rejects him, uh, not with polite words.

Alfred pulls his teacher/guardian string to lure Arthur into bed, so that he can teach Arthur a thing or two about respect. Arthur only consents because he has no other choice. What I really want to see is severe imbalance in power/control in their relationship.

Angst is a must, dub-con/non-con is fine, smut is delicious.

Bonus: Arthur receives financial aid from school. Alfred uses that as leverage.
Bonus 2: Arthur's a virgin before Alfred.
Bonus 3: Arthur's friend, [insert] finds out and tries to do something about it.

So, yes, this is me reccing a rape fic again. But like last time, this is not the kind of story you get off to or in which the author uses rape as a cheap plot device or a way to fall in love or a excuse for Healing!Panis. No, no. This, like Ah, Underneath, by the brilliant [ profile] themillersson is well written and realistic and painful

The story is written from Alfred's POV and the author gives us a terrifying but engaging glimpse of Alfred's mind. I was going to write "predator" but I backtracked. Alfred is a predator in this story (the blackmail, the hand lotion) but he's not a serial rapist as far as we know. He starts being a normal person and descends to the depths of an obsession that reminded me, somehow, to Humbert Humber. Somehow, because as I said, he's not looking for children but is obsessed with Arthur and rationalises everything, his lust, his feelings, his need to blame the victim. But unlike HH , Alfred knows (somewhere) he's doing something terrible. It's truly an amazing piece. 

Francis also appears as Arthur's roommate (crush?) and Matt does, as well, as Alfred's brother. 

I can't do this story justice, but I can pimp it. If you feel like it, go ahead and read it. It's a WIP with 76 parts up to now. Ah! I almost forgot. I think it's by the same person who, I think,  wrote Sign A New Agreement With iTunes which is, to this day, my favourite FrUK fic.

Part One (1 to  56) || Part Two (57 to 76)
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There are some fics that need to be read. This is one of them. Pure crack and parody on the oh-so-trite smut common places, in this case, for Hetalia fandom. Read it. I laughed so hard that I cried real tear XD

Title: Buttsex: The Musical - Which isn't actually a musical.
Artist: [ profile] kaasen 
Characters: US/UK, France/Prussia, Spain/Romano, Sweden/Finland, Germany/Italy, Russia/Liet
Rating: NC-17
Warning: There is some pretty horrendously awful sex at the end. Also cursing.
Summary: America comes up with a cliche game to fill the time. Who will last in an hour of extreme sexual awkwardness?! ((Btw I fixed a pretty bad error that someone pointed out to me at the kink meme so thanks whoever you are orz;;))
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 I'm reading an amazing Kurt-centric fic called An Unholy Alliance by [ profile] gleefulmusings  and I thought of recommending it here. I'll keep this updated. 

Title: An Unholy Alliance
Author: [ profile] gleefulmusings 
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Santana. Yes. The pairing of EVIL.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Everything up through Sectionals.
Warnings: Language, eventual slash, epic bitchery.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, lyrics, etc. are the property of their respective owners. Snippets of dialogue may be incorporated from the original canonical episode(s) and belong to their respective authors/creators. The original characters and plot are the property of the author(s). The author(s) is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended, nor should any be inferred. No profit is being made.
Summary: Santana Lopez quite enjoys her newfound status as princess of McKinley High, and wants to make sure it remains the status quo. She well knows that every princess needs a fairy godmother. Luckily, she knows just the right fairy for the job.

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5
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 For those who haven't seen [ profile] boysinperil post in [ profile] puckurt , I want to recommend a great story published in [ profile] glee_angst_meme .

Prompt::After the events of "Home," Burt is happy, Carole is happy, Finn is happy, Kurt is ... not. But he recognizes that that is mostly his fault. He realizes his Dad deserves to be happy, so he accepts things as they are, but that doesn't mean he can just stop feeling the way he does.

So, Kurt goes to the only drug dealer in town, Sandy Ryerson. He asks Sandy for something that will make all the pain go away. Sandy sees how vulnerable Kurt is and can't resist the opportunity to take advantage. He convinces Kurt to confide in him under the premise that as a fellow "Friend of Dorothy," he may understand what Kurt is going through. Kurt would normally be very suspicious, but he's too ...everything to care, so he agrees.

During that time, Sandy drugs and rapes Kurt. Kurt is aware of the whole thing, he just can't fight back. It turns out, a few days later, Kurt realizes the experience has made him more numb than any drugs ever could, so he keeps going back to Sandy.

Where it goes from there is completely up to the author (should anyone choose to claim this monster).

Bonus points for incorporating Sandy's doll collection (obsession) and the fact that Kurt is pretty much a living doll.

Story here

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