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Taken from [ profile] alliterations 

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top three ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.


Nov. 17th, 2010 07:05 pm
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Fellow US/UK/US shippers! Have you seen the writing comm for our precious ship? It's the [ profile] usxukworkshop and it was created by [ profile] bluemyst19 as a space to help and get help in our writing projects. Check it out guys!

*I have no idea who the creator of that cute drawing is. If anyone knows, let me know so I can credit hir. Thank you!
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 [ profile] anonbeta has followed [ profile] boysinperil tradition and opened a Anonymous Concrit Meme and I'd love to hear what people think about my fics. So, if anyone is interested in telling me anything, please do it! I'd really appreciate it. 

I'm awful

Oct. 18th, 2010 05:23 pm
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 I apologise for my delay in the comment fic and holding hands meme. Life and college are kicking my ass viciously. I'm sorry.
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 I'm all over the place this afternoon, sorry. 

Stolen from [ profile] merkintosh 

Give me a word and a pairing and I'll write at least a one-sentence fic. Maybe more, idk. 
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I originally posted this in [ profile] puckurt, but I thought I should share it with the people who read my journal and are not in the comm or Glee fandom. To those who see this twice, my apologies. 

First of all, I'd like to say that I love writing and I love reading about writing. As someone whose native language is not the same language she writes in, reading about grammar and style is immensely important. There's also the matter of getting-your-facts-right. Now, I'm no blushing nun but I'm also not a man. And yet I write slash, which means I should know about male sexuality if I want to write it realistically. Because I'm a big fat nerd, when I need to do something, I do research and the post I'm linking to is a particularly good information source. 

Said link is a compilation of essays made by [ profile] goseaward  and posted in [ profile] idolmeta on the topic of fandom and fandom activity. Besides a really nice fandom guideline section, there are a lot of articles on writing which are, in my opinion, pretty good. I also found a similar resource for betas, which I'm also posting here. 

Did that make sense? I hope it did. Anyway, I leave the links here:

General Fandom
Writing: the technical side
Writing: the creative side

Each section includes multiple articles. It's worth taking a look at it. 

Also, here's something for betas, also by [ profile] goseaward, posted in [ profile] ai_beta:

On beta reading
On being beta read
On the relationship between authors and beta readers

Over [ profile] puckurt, [ profile] pyroclastic has provided us with some more resources, specifically about writing smut:

Slasher's Guide to Gay Sex  by [ profile] faithfulreader 
FSR vs. Minotaur by [ profile] faithfulreader   
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I'm finally done with the Epilogue for Die fünf Phasen der Liebe. I ended up deleting 3/4 of it and now it's extremely short, but all the sappy sap I loved when I originally wrote it seems awful now. So, it had to go. I've already sent it to the wonderful [ profile] lezi for betaing and I'll post asap. God! I'm so happy close that fic. Even if I had a lot of fun writing it, I've been so uninspired lately that I could not even finish typing it. Lazy ass much?

Now I can continue annexing lands and making Bohemia the new European empire... I'm totally hooked on Europa Universalis. 
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 I did it. I wrote a (super short) fic for Hetalia, using the prompts from [ profile] 64damn_prompts  and I'm kind of nervous, negl. Oh, well! I hard to start somehow, right? 

By the way, that comm is awesome. 
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 It's 1 AM and I still have a fuckton of Hetalia fics to read (damn Prussia/Autria hotness!) but I'm feeling super accomplished right now. I just finished typing the fifth chapter of Die Fünf... and sent it to [ profile] lezi . I hope to post it in a few days and I expect to be done typing the Epilogue by that moment. I also finished the translation I had to do for Damqatum, the on-line bulletin for the Ancient East History Research Centre I work with. It was kind of hard to do, but I feel great when I contribute to something. 

I have also been doing major thinking about my career and I think I will expand my research topic out of Egypt. I mean, I'll still do my thesis on symbolic space usage (long story short, how two different cults use space differently), but I've been thinking I can study the same issue in any period. After all, a cathedral is like an Egyptian temple and modern palaces are mostly building created to emphasise and construct the monarch's power and dignity... and I'm getting tl;dr, but that's it. What if I can be one of the few specialist in symbolic use of space? I think I could die of happines (yes, I am aware I'm a dork). 
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 Today I passed the exam I was most scared of. I still have two more exams next week and I have to do some paperwork for my job, but after the 16th I'll be free as a bird. I plan to advance on my fic (not Die Funf) and fill a few prompts, as well as try to write something for Hetalia fandom. I'd love to work on my "Horror Cinema as social catharsis" essay... so little time, so many projects *sigh*
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 [ profile] joymaro posted a very interesting and honest rant regarding fanfiction and some of its vices. It's a great read. You can check it out here

Posted with [ profile] joymaro 's permission. 

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